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Giving back during a season of "I Want That"

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Operation Christmas Child IS the best thing of the season

Tis' the season and as everything around us at this time of year screams "consumerism" we take it as a teaching moment and give back.

Our boxes this year were filled with laughter, love, and light

“My son hasn't stopped talking about how he wished the boxes were bigger to add a soccer ball.”

A Great Learning opportunity about thankfulness and generosity

As we just finished another season of participating in Samaritan's Purse's Operation Christmas Child, I can't help but see how giving children really are. This whole process from conception of ideas distinguishing between needs and wants, putting themselves in the shoes of those children less fortunate then themselves, creating a list of items that they want for their shoebox and the child they are building this amazing gift for, deciding what can fit and what cannot fit into the box, talking about the fear some of these children have with certain types of toys (guns, war trucks), actually packing the boxes themselves, creating a letter with a picture and sealing them with a prayer. These kids get it. Thankfulness and generosity get to be practiced and grown each year through this simple and fun process.

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