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How we miss you Story Truck....

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Since Covid started, Story Truck is now virtual

We had so much fun in the back of this truck!

The Calgary Public Library has partnered with us for over 4 years

With a monthly book exchange and in person (now virtual) story time we love the time we get to spend with these amazing people

Our friend Courtney has been a familiar face from day one. She knows all the children's names and have seen them grow and change. Not only is she our absolute favourite Story Time person, she loves and cares about us here too.

Lessons from children

From reading stories, singing songs, watching puppets, dancing with scarves, playing with their activity board, and making friends, during Covid we are missing our beloved Story Truck. The kids still look forward to story time with Story Truck, which shows me connection and friendship are more important than the actual physical truck. Covid might have changed up our plans, but the connections we make each and every day are so much more important and I couldn't be filled with more joy than I am watching these kids live that lesson out.

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