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Becoming licensed. My journey from private to government approved

I'm so thrilled to be making this move. I've been private for 14 years and remained that way for many reasons.

First the total number of children in my care could only have been 4 as I have 2 children and licensed childcare facilities only allowed a total of 6 children in the home. Unfortunately that meant not enough income coming in to support myself and my children. THIS "job" is what I always wanted to be growing up (well, except a unicorn when I was 5, and the president when I was 3, until finding out that I live in Canada and we don't have a president and people couldn't turn magically into unicorns). But since Covid, and the mass need for childcare spots, this regulation was changed and now registered day homes no longer include their own children in the 6 total children we are allowed to care for.

My second reason was that I always had what I called pods of children growing up together at the same ages, creating life long bonds and friendships that last for years. Some even growing up, going into the same classes and eventually graduating with each other. As it sits right now, I fall into the requirements of 2 under 2 years old, and 3 under 3 years old, so this no longer is a hinderance for me to move along into this new chapter of my day home. Community will always be the center goal of my day home, and I am excited to be even more creative in creating these bonds.

Third, I found out my BA in Sociology with a concentration in work, family, and gender is actually equal to a level 2 childcare provider. This means that for the last 14 years I could have been receiving government top ups to my income (bonus for sure). This is strategically in place to keep and maintain quality, educated people working in this business. This also allows me to have continuing education that is usually only available to childcare providers that are licensed with the government, which I'm super excited about.

Fourth, this new government affordability grant and subsidy will be offered to all my parents that sign with me (and them). THIS is my new passion as these new subsidies have replaced the old system and there are SO many families in need. I've heard up to 70% of all childcare in Alberta are private spots, meaning those families that need this subsidy will have a much lower chance of receiving the financial help they need to go back to work. Spots are limited and now everyone is eligible. If I can open spots then it is my duty to help as much as possible.

Well, to get into the actual story: It's been so fun so far! I've met with an amazing agency (won't say which one yet as I'm not officially signed with them yet), with amazing ladies. They have been so helpful and supportive and knowledgeable with this whole process. I've had my second meeting where they have gone through my home and pointed out some of the changes that needs to happen, which has inspired me to change up some of my programing, totally created a new area in my home to play and learn, and given me a brand new creative energy that I'm super excited to pour into these beautiful, bright, strong, talented, creative, and thoughtful children. I've attached some pictures of the new changes here and I'm thrilled with these changes.

We are expected to sign halfway through August of this year (2022), and all existing clients will receive a special NO SIGN UP FEE. All new families that sign up afterwards will have a ONE time registration fee (most childcare agencies have a yearly one) I know, this agency is AMAZING! I'm super excited (If you couldn't already tell)

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