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Welcome to Sydney's Crib Day Home in Midnapore!



Sydney has 13 years experience as a day home owner/operator in Midnapore where she resides with her two children Benjamin & Abigail. She actually started her day home before having her children, creating a true "at home away from home" experience for all the children she cares for.

They have a cat named "Kitty Face" who thinks she's a dog, expecting pets and attention from the children and the adults at drop off and pick up times. They enjoy being outside as much as possible enjoying sledding, skating, skateboarding, bike riding, playing soccer, dancing, camping in the summer (Sydney hates being cold while trying to sleep), hiking, gardening, and chilling in their beautiful backyard.

Benjamin (12) loves Parkour, biking at the skate park, and talking with his friends on his tablet while playing video games. Abigail (9) is quite the dancer having been accepted to CYDC at the young age of 9. Unfortunately to her mother's dismay she dislikes ballet and so passed the opportunity to focus on her love.... ACRO dance! She is on her hands doing cartwheels, headstands, and walkovers as often as she walks

Sydney is an active members in her church, and Sydney herself is involved in adult dance classes (ballet and tap), quilting, sewing, crafting, DIY projects, gardening, and painting.

"Investing in your own growth is a formula for confidence and success."
This attitude is brought to our day home where we help children develop an appreciation for learning.

At Sydney's Crib, we work hard every day to provide your children with a safe, fun, and caring daycare environment.


Our home in Midnapore has a gated yard full of fun toys and playhouses and a large green space for running around and playing.


We have an open door policy allowing you the peace of mind knowing you can come join us any time to see what we're up to. Children are never left unsupervised.

Sydney also has her certifications in:

  • First Aid

  • CPR 

  • Children's CPR

  • Bachelors Degree Sociology

  • Safe Food Handling 

  • Aboriginal Awareness 

  • Suicide Prevention


Our emphasis is on learning through creative play.


Nothing could be worse for a child's mind than hours on end in front of a television. While we do allow for "down time" and the occasional movie, these activities are generally reserved for the end of the day to allow for pick-up preparation.

Daytime activities include:

  • Arts & Crafts (including "gifts" for mom and dad for events like Valentines Day & Christmas)

  • Story Telling (with Story Truck from the Calgary Library visiting every year)

  • Science Experiments

  • Life Lessons (everything from kindness and acceptance to potty training, a consistent approach reinforces positive behaviour)

  • Transportation (We pick up some children (including my own) from schools. Some conditions apply so ask about your child's school)


After over 13-years experience running my day home in Midnapore, I've had the joy of seeing children I care for each day grow from babies to pre-schoolers and off into elementary school.


Watching all the ways they evolve from their first experiences of the world into these little people, each with their own unique personality is such an amazing gift to witness. Seeing the way their eyes light up when they finally grasp a concept or do something for themselves for the first time is what I live for.

I strive each day to provide consistency and clarity for these children because I know how badly I want that for my own children. Above all else, I want your child to know that they are good, that they are safe, and that they are loved.

If you would like to explore childcare for your son or daughter, then please contact me and we can sit down to discuss your specific needs.

Kindly yours,


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